Why Did No One Tell Low Mileage Drivers About This?

Written by: Henry W. Olson


Do not pay your next auto insurance bill until you read this...

Thousands of drivers are discovering that they are paying way too much for auto insurance, because they are not aware of all the discounts they qualify for. One company is informing the public and putting an end to it.

Information is finally out that every driver should be aware of! A few simple steps can help you save hundreds of dollars each year.  When specific zip codes are matched with certain auto insurance companies, drivers save even more money.

Hundreds of auto insurers were reviewed, it was found that about only a dozen of them gave very big discounts to low mileage drivers who drive less than 50 miles per day.

Savings Example:

Some auto insurers will offer a large price reduction if you have not gotten a ticket in the last 3 years or no DUI’s. It also helps if you have had no car accidents in the last three years, this can lower your insurance premium even further.

After the age of 25 is when the biggest drop in rates occur. As you mature and reach the age of 40 then 55 you gain more discounts. As a senior citizen you can qualify for even more discounts such as “retirement” or “experienced driver” discounts.

How is it that the public is not aware of this information? Well according to the CFA: “premiums are set based on the maximum amount a consumer is willing to pay”. Which means auto insurers will always increase the price just enough slowly over time, they assume you won’t leave them, the result is you pay way more than you need to be paying. The solution compare quotes between multiple insurance providers to find the insurance company that best suits your life circumstances offering the most discounts. You could save as much as 48% on car insurance.

You can cancel your current auto insurance at any time, even if your premium is paid in full. Your insurance company will reimburse you.

Here's How You Do It:

Step 1: Tap your age below to match additional discounts.
Step 2: Enter your Zip Code and some basic information to qualify for additional savings.

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