Who pays more for auto insurance, men or women?

January 9, 2012

Men and women, has been advocating the advantages of driving their own gender. Due to better definition of the driver relative to these arguments can not end soon. When it comes to sex is safe behind the wheel, the answer seems to be conclusive.

Recent studies show that women safer drivers than men. However, the premium between women and men, the gap has gradually declined. Ladies did not seem to care enough driving habits, provide them with premium look in mind.

According to statistics, more than 90% of accidents caused by men lead to death or personal injury. In addition, convictions for dangerous driving less than 5% for women and ladies only get less than 20% of speeding tickets. There is no doubt that these statistics prove that, ladies and safer driver.

For this reason, many auto insurance companies to sign the ladies in his book. There is a claim to be exclusively for women cheaper insurance rates offered by several companies. Figures, this is definitely a good business move by some car insurance companies.

Unfortunately, it appears that the so-called lady drivers insurance company is not really for a few ladies provide better interest rates. Their claims turn out to sales gimmick only. They seem fully aware of, and ladies and less risky, but they reward them.

Many experts recommend women to clear these ads, rather than the general car insurance company specifically for the female market. They urged the ladies at least get a few quotes and more, and not fall for those who sell women bragging, because they get cheaper car insurance.

In short do not take anyone’s word, if you want to save money. Spare a little time to compare auto insurance quotes and prices before you are ready to buy car insurance.

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