What to expect when you add your teenager to your auto insurance policy

January 5, 2012

Over the years, you have been careful, and try to make your auto insurance premiums down. Then, your child has reached driving age and want to drive. Any parents head to the two important issues. If you let him drive your car, he added to your car insurance policy, or make him a new vehicle, and that based on your name, it? Let’s face it, you will pay for it in the end of the day.

One thing is certain, unless money is no problem, you do not want to get his sports car or a list of most stolen vehicles in one. You should definitely check you going to let him drive the car insurance rating.

Then you should let him use your car or a used car so that he, and to ensure that your name under the multi-vehicle policy or statutory minimum standards. Some smart parents may have children to keep the old car for some time.

There is no clear answer, he should be driving this car, but according to your name the way the policy will be much cheaper. Your age and driving experience in the calculation of insurance rates will still be a major factor.

Again, you may want to make sure that he get some driving lessons. This may be a better choice than you teach him how to drive, because it will keep your intellect and reduce family arguments. In addition, the insurance company to take the driver training for young discounts.

If the driver is that he allowed him to get good grades, you will see that this is a wise move. Students can get a better job in the school’s discount.

Some auto insurance companies may allow some to provide to their existing customers, when they want to add a youth policy discount. For example, your child may benefit from multi-car discount.

If your insurance company to join young people in policy, a ridiculous premium quotes, you should not be easy. You should shop around, if you have a more competitive insurance providers all your insurance.

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