The difference between collision and comprehensive auto insurance

January 6, 2012

In general, the minimum liability auto insurance occupies a large part of the premium. This section deals only with third-party road users, not you and your vehicle. You need to buy more car insurance by law, to pay the minimum on their own. Collision and comprehensive coverage, then began to play a role.

If you want to pay for your damages, if you and other vehicles and objects, including animals, riding a motorcycle crash and road signs, you need collision insurance. Collision insurance will cover the insured person, whether or not he is at fault accident. It also provides towing, storage, salvage if the vehicle has been seriously damaged. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle will cover the cost of repairing or replacement value, if it is total.

And comprehensive car insurance to cover your car may encounter other damage. These are theft, fire, vandalism, weather disasters, riots and other similar losses. In short, comprehensive car insurance coverage in addition to all collisions. Comprehensive car insurance does not usually include natural disasters, thefts or vandalism family members or employees, the contents of vehicles, tires, or damage caused by improper maintenance.

Commonly used to provide collision and comprehensive auto insurance as a package, although it can be purchased separately two types of coverage.

Sometimes, both may be covered, especially in the case of car financing. Auto loan lenders naturally have to pay, if the car was damaged Either way, you will need proof of auto insurance before they advance loans. In addition, it will protect the borrower’s funds will be destroyed when the car loan to pay off the rest.

Both covered by premiums, normal auto insurance rules apply. Driver age and experience, the estimated annual mileage, the neighborhood and the value of the vehicle will be considered. Although the height of new car owners will be taken to cover the old driver of the car, should weigh the value of the car to determine the feasibility of such car insurance, the insurance costs.

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