Should you renew, or compare auto insurance quotes

January 17, 2012

There is no doubt that car insurance policies automatically renewed for your convenience. You sign a direct debit to your bank account will help the car insurance companies do nothing, as long as you like. They gather like clockwork every year to keep the cash.

It is a brilliant marketing idea, from car insurance companies. It is so good that many motorists do not bother to shop around or ignore it, until the automatic renewal kicks in.

Insurance Management, a large number of customers retained each year. Not everyone is still there, because they are very happy. Most of them do not know better or does not care to find out what alternatives are there. It will not be surprised to get a decent cut your premiums, a highly reputable auto insurance providers.

The impact of high retention rates are very clear. Since the insurer to know how many of their customers will continue to pay a few years, they will be able to adjust their insurance premiums.

This means two things in nature. First of all, their work, including the expected retention period for each insured premiums. Therefore, the average stay of three years if the customer’s auto insurance company, then they will have to these expectations, when they give you an insurance quote factors of future earnings.

Second, they have to fight harder to get new customers, consider the next three years the average expected return. I think this is pretty self explanatory. Especially if you have a few years no claims, you seem to be a cash cow, they are usually at least 3 years.

The moral of this article is that auto insurance companies know their business very well. Therefore, it is you get avoidance, and auto insurance market in highly competitive times.

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