Should no pay no play laws for uninsured motorists be legal?

January 18, 2012

While this is not widely accepted by most countries, some countries have restrictions from the guilty party claimed that after the accident, an uninsured driver. Some law prohibits uninsured drivers on the other driver’s responsibility, but they do not have effective responsibility, cover up his claims. Other implementation of high deductibles, policy can make top Dragon Bounce House a third party insurance claim.

In theory, it might make sense, if the driver does not pay any car insurance premiums, he should not be allowed to use insurance funds. In reality, these laws may only increase litigation in many cases. By the way, these restrictions do not apply if the failure of the party intoxicated or fled the scene.

In this sense, no-fault state law, litigation and the implementation does not reduce the award of uninsured drivers, each driver to pay his own personal injury purposes. Therefore, it seems to have a more simple way to insure that no party auto insurance payments to the unworthy.

When a claim for uninsured drivers, and get the result would be increased to pay all the premiums auto insurance policyholders. This may be the basis of these laws, it is a majority of people buying car insurance coverage efforts.

If we step back and look at it the whole thing may not be quite fair. This may mean that, instead of looking for solutions to the authority of the responsibility, authority. In other words, when state legislators began to accuse the uninsured driver, they may consider their eyes why these drivers do not buy car insurance, the real problem.

Can not deny that it is the cost of car insurance and uninsured motorists correlation between the number of. It appeared in an expensive car insurance area the proportion of uninsured drivers is very high.

Even more interesting is that some drivers an address registered in their cars, although they live in the region. This shows one thing, the cost of auto insurance premiums, is a serious burden, especially for low-income families. And they may be covered, if they can in their zip code to find cheap car insurance quotes.

However, there may be some ignorant motorists will see the implementation of the liability insurance they will not benefit, because it only involves third-party damages. That, anyway, behind the uninsured influential reason is that it will be very harsh. In addition, you do not burn the house, because you have seen in rats.

Said there is “no pay no play” law is a powerful argument. In essence, insurance, payment of the premium pool of funds accumulated. All of the damage and losses, caused by the insured to pay for the pool. Of course, when you start driving to become a member of the pool, because it is a legal requirement to purchase auto insurance, then start driving. In this sense, you can see, you will not be allowed to exit the pool any money, because you have not paid dues of parameters.

This is not surprising that auto insurance companies will support the legislation. They will pay less money, some in the party injured in an accident is “legal” does not allow claims.

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