Remaining calm while driveing pays claim car insurance experts

February 1, 2012

Most of us have been outraged the actions of other road users driving, but those who say they never react angrily or may not tell the whole truth.

AAMI car insurance experts conducted a recent survey, as many as half of Australia’s driving another abusive things to do, they do not support the driver, even if it is a real mistake.

This figure, 82% is unrepentant, insisting that other road users to get a well-deserved.

Worrying is that nearly one in five people have tailgated another driver and a simple example of miscommunication, and in some cases may lead to fighting or running people off the road.

AAMI corporate affairs manager, said Luaijisen, if you are cut off, just take a deep breath, do not escalate the situation circumstances.

This problem may worsen, more and more Australians the road, as CommSec’s recently revealed, now the best time to buy a car, because they are so cheap now.

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