Reasons your auto insurance coverage could be void

December 31, 2011

Under normal circumstances, no one will pay for car insurance and knowledge to void. In most cases, policy holders may not know something, they seem insignificant consequences. Several times in other drivers may think they can get a small discretion by. The problem is, they may not even know their auto insurance policy is not effective until after the accident. Then, they may be real trouble, especially if they are at fault. There are a few things to keep in mind not to face the car insurance lapse surprise.

Loss of driver’s license or permit is not appropriate

Basically, the car insurance does not own or maintain, if you do not have permission to drive. Sometimes, people may lose their license, because the cumulative traffic violations. Or, they may neglect, failed to update. In any case, auto insurance companies will cancel the unlicensed driver’s policy, as soon as they find or do not pay any claim, if it is found after the accident.

Providing false information, and access to car insurance

Depends entirely on your auto insurance coverage in the timing of the information provided. Most auto insurance companies never actually checked, if they true or false. People may think they can escape it, because it is not confirmed. It is true that until they have an accident, they leave their losses, their coverage has been abolished. They simply allow you to pay the car insurance premium for a given data and the required coverage, as long as you want. But they will not pay claims if they found the proposed insured lied. Most people may lie, and the annual mileage address and other details, may actually border fraud.

Do not notify the car insurance company to upgrade the vehicle

Some internal upgrades may not really matter, unless made considerable enhance the car’s performance. For example, when people are comfortable installing expensive car insurance may refuse to pay all the additional a theft or accidental. However, if the engine is very powerful to replace entirely possible to become an insurance invalid. The best thing is to check with the car insurance company before making improvements. May agree to pay additional premiums, security or decided at this stage of improvement.

Did not take proper care to avoid loss

The insured to take care of their cars, to protect it from harm, to be honest all the time. For example, the auto insurance companies may refuse to pay theft claims, if they found that the car is an easy target. If the insured car alarm, you need to retain at any time and alarm functions. Another is to tell the car insurance company, you keep the car in the garage, but in fact you are full of rubbish and cars left in the street. But still can not leave the top of the street unattended operation. When companies find that you have in this case, they may refuse to pay for specific requirements, although they may not cancel the insurance policy mistakes.

The car insurance company did not update the details held

May be a fairly common situation is not bother to tell the personal circumstances change. Sometimes these cases can only lead to the importance of retrospective premium payment details may be. For example, without notice to change the work may be seen as an oversight, unless there is new work requires daily long-distance driving. However, changing the car, and did not tell the car insurance company may not go on, to report an accident. You must notify the auto insurance company as soon as possible of any major changes.

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