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June 22, 2015

? I ain’t tryna hear you talkin’ ’bout how you be all this and that. Y’all wanna be ballers, shot callers and brawlers? Y’all wanna be a jigga nigga like my man Jay Z? Then peep this, ’cause I’m a school you right here and now ’bout the facts of life. Lemme break it down for you one time,
fake cheap oakleys straight up. This here’s the real deal: Talk don’t mean shit, ’cause in this world,
oakley sunglasses discount ain’t nothin’ matter but the cheddar, baby. Yeah, that’s right, it’s like my man Puff Daddy say: It’s all about the Benjamins, my man. Believe that. BALTIMORE Ten weeks after girlfriend Jessica Schroeder broke up with him
oakley sunglasses discount and moved out, Richard Bluff, 24,
wholesale cheap oakleys continues to carry the check for her half of their final Baltimore Gas Electric bill in his wallet. "Jess gave it to
cheap oakleys me the day she left, and I just couldn’t bear to part with it," Bluff said Monday of the check for $75.92. "I know it shouldn’t have any sentimental meaning, but, well." Bluff has also not been able to bring himself to remove Schroeder’s Lady
fake cheap oakleys Bic disposable razor from his shower. WASHINGTON, DC Surveying the White House’s walls and bathroom fixtures in
cheap oakleys preparation for move out, President Clinton said Monday that he expects to forfeit his security deposit. "It’s just not worth it," Clinton said. "I’d rather lose the $575 than have to dealArticles Connexes:
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Articles Connexes:

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