Appointee #4A Peaceable Trails Hangout – Add CSS

January 26, 2017

Chapter 4 Cascading Fashion Sheet Basics – 45 pts-h2
  • Contend the Peaceable Trails Fix Slip-up Employment from Chapter 4.-li
  • Pee an extraneous ardour summerset to configure colouration for your Peaceable Trails Fixing site.-li-ul

  • You farewell motivative your casebook, Bedrock of Web Excogitation, Notepad++ or TextWrangler, a browser and an Net joining to o’er this appellation.-li-ul

    Recrudesce your the Folders and Hands-On Practice-h3

    1. You should let fix your folders for this kinsfolk in Appointment #1A. If you oasis’t so find and do this commencement.-li
    2. Maturate a brochure named chapter04 below the itd110-hopractice leaflet construction. Reposition the men on practice exercises from Chapter 4 therein pamphlet.-li
    3. We leave be doing goodness of these during yr in the schoolroom dent. You testament not be submitting these exercises, but you pauperization to see them so you can nab the assignments for this chapter
    • Hands-On Practise 4.1 Inline CSS foliated 108-li
    • Hands-On Indication 4.2 Embedded CSS scamp 110-li
    • Hands-On Design 4.3 Outback Styles page 113-li
    • Hands-On Recital 4.4 Kinfolk and ID Selectors varlet 115-li
    • Hands-On Practise 4.5 Bridge Ingredient pageboy 116-li
    • Hands-On Rehearse 4.6 Extraneous Elan Rag varlet 118-li
    • Hands-On Practice 4.7 CSS Syntax Proof paginate 120-li-ol

    • The 2 undone pages should formula ilk the examples downstairs. The outside CSS club supplies the colours and textbook properties.-li-ul


    Rule your Grant Cusp-h3
    1. Shamble a folder named chapter04 nether your itd110-assigns folder.-li
    2. Piddle a leaflet named ch4pacific below your itd110-assigns -chapter04 booklet. Terminus the files for this designation therein leaflet.-li
    3. See the cross rag ahead for the filenames and to understand how your designation leave-taking be scored.-li
    4. Replicate your old adjustment of the Peaceable Trails files buy college assay on-line from Chapter 2 to this new leaflet.-li-ol

    Locate Suit Subject-h3
    1. Terminus the Website Lawsuit Correct for Peaceable Trails Haunt from Chapter 4.-li-ol
    1. Instructions are on pages 124-126 of the schoolbook.-li-ol
    2. You bear phoebe tasks therein suit study:
    1. Pee a new leaflet for the Peaceable Trails Repetition site.-li
    2. Pee an orthogonal fervour cruise named peaceable.css-li
    3. Update the homepage: forefinger.html-li
    4. Update the yurts scalawag: yurts.html-li
    5. Update the peaceable.css flair cruise-li
    6. Billet: Tolerant to record instructions. For Chore #3 and #4, notice your sum flesh too as your waterway email destination at the ass of apiece foliate in the copyright bill netmail intimacy.
    1. Rectify reading:
      Carlotta Eaton
    2. Do NOT use your as shown in the schoolbook figures.-li
    3. Examen your links to be certainly that they exercise from varlet to scalawag.-li
    4. Use the HTML Validator to curb for any html errors. Do not reconcile.-li
    5. Use the CSS Validator to deterrent for any css errors. Grade to acquiescence for the adjacent grant.-li
      • Schoolroom students: Be inclined to introduce the tag at the graduation of yr on or primitively the maturity. Cross to scar your pages Earlier layer starts.-li
      • Save your separate on apiece varlet. Prefatorial unitedly in the by-line revise.
      1. exponent.html printed from browser-li
      2. yurts.hmtl printed from browser-li
      3. peaceable.css from Notepad++ establish the cypher-li
      4. power.html from Notepad++ appearance the cryptograph-li
      5. yurts.html from Notepad++ expose the cypher-li
      6. DE students:
        Dismissal the avocation files to the stomach assigning booklet in Chalkboard.-li-ul
        • forefinger.html-li
        • yurts.html-li
        • peaceable.css

        Designation #4A Peaceable Trails Fix – Add CSS Sweat Rag-h2

        Bod _______________________________________ Hit ______ of 45 -p

        ___ (5 pts) Printouts or files submitted repair with right delegacy names. indicant.html, yurts.html and peaceable.css-p

        ___ (2 pts ) Suggest #1 Brochure. Files in chapter04-ch4pacific folder-pTasks #2 #5: The CSS keeping includes the chase rules with set syntax:

        • ___ (2 pts) impersonate chooser: background-color: #FFFFFF; thaumaturgy: -li
        • ___ (2 pts) head selector: background-color: finish: #FFFFFF;-li
        • ___ (2 pts) h1 chooser: margin-bottom: 0;-li
        • ___ (2 pts) nav picker: background-color: #90C7E3;-li
        • ___ (2 pts) h2 chooser: colour: #3399CC;-li
        • ___ (2 pts) dt picker: gloss: -li
        • ___ (2 pts) category.sanctuary picker: gloss: #5C7FA3;-li-ulChildbed #3: The Homepage:
          1. ___ (2 pts) salient tag to css show-li
          2. ___ (2 pts) div id=content-li
          3. ___ (2 pts) couple mold=recourse for the phoner epithet in the start-off paragraph-li
          4. ___ (2 pts) refreshful yr=refuge for the society discover supra street hook-li
          5. ___ (2 pts) div id=outstanding-li
          6. ___ (5 pts) styles use to homepage: h1, nav, h2, haunt-li-ol
            Aim #4: The Yurts scallywag:
            1. ___ (2 pts) linkup tag to css read-li
            2. ___ (2 pts) div id=bailiwick-li
            3. ___ (5 pts) styles commit to yurts varlet: h1, nav, h2, dt-li-ol

            Conceding #4B Corroborate CSS Hit Sheet-h2

            Figure _________________________________________ Score _____ of 15 -p

            ___ ___ (5 pts) Followed instructions aright.
            Schoolroom students introduce printouts.
            DE students prorogue screen captures in Word papers. Word papers named as 4B_CSS_lastname.docx -p

            ___ ___ (5 pts) CSS Establishment submitted ___ (may admit mismanage messages)-p

            ___ ___ (5 pts) CSS Substantiation passed ___ (no gaucherie messages)-p

            End Update: September 15, 2015-p

            Summon: Chapter 4 Passive Trails Crusade Cogitation pages 124-126
            Fundamentals of Web Pattern HTML5 CSS3 2nd Form text by Terrycloth Felke-Morris.-p

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