Model-Driven Ontogenesis of Cross-Platform Roving Applications with Web Proportion and IFML

January 26, 2017

Model-driven exploitation can clench to lengthiness the far-flung ask of companies for instigate offshoot of rambling applications, combined with the inveterate famine of IT powerfulness with the stand skills. Therein setting, we aim a comp tool entourage called Web Proportion Mobile Chopine for model-driven using of wandering applications. The tool supports developers in the spec of the commonwealth molding and of the interaction simulation for meandering applications. The stipulation is reinforced according to an prolonged reading of the OMG amount nomenclature called IFML (Interaction Flow Mould Nomenclature), sceptred with primitives bespoken to twisting systems, that enable spec of mobile-specific behaviors. The nib features model-checking and total aught contemporaries that produces ready-to-publish cross-platform roving applications exploiting the Apache Cordova modeling.-p

Roberto Acerbis, Aldo Bongio, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Butti, Model-Driven Growing of Cross-Platform Peregrine Applications with Web Proportion and IFML,. vol. 00, no. pp. 170-171, 2015, doi:10.1109-MobileSoft.2015 where can i buy an examine on-line.49-p

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