Is your car insurance as low as it can be?

August 17, 2012

Even if the minimum level of liability insurance may be expensive, a good driver.

Consumer Federation of America (CFA) study released in June found that more than half of the drivers in the sample – does not move, live in the basic coverage of the driver of a violation or accident in the middle-income areas – the reference rate of more than $ 1,000 per year. 33%, the average price of more than $ 1,400.

However, in some areas of the country drivers can get full coverage of a small portion of this amount Aufblasbare Werbung.

With the disparity in the cost of such insurance, it is difficult to determine the best coverage you already have a good price. If you go to the 12 savings strategies and discount checks, you can have reason to believe that you are not a lot of money left on the table.

Shop around. Shop around. Shop around. In short, get rid of your car there is no faster, easier way to save on car insurance. The same car, same driver, will find that different hundreds of dollars, even thousands, from an insurance company’s future interest rates. (See “shop around Palm $ 1,182.”), The more you pay, the more likely it is, you can save money.

Select the right side of the town. If you move, check rates, and then determine a new address. Zip code a lot, when the auto insurance company was established a year you may see a few hundred dollars difference. (Please refer to our nosy neighbors ZIP code rate comparison tool.)

Insurance companies take a shotgun. If you drive very little, very carefully, program, monitor your driving can reduce your bill quite. Small tool plug-in data sent back to your insurance company how far, when and how you drive. Under normal circumstances, the data can not be used to charge you higher than the standard tax rate, just to give you a discount. (See “into to allow the snapshot test drive.”)

Keep the shiny side. According to the analysis 841,000 offer for the “full” coverage of the delivery drivers with a single accident claims through the of comparison shopping engine (responsibility, comprehensive and collision), pay an average of more than 300 U.S. dollars per year.

Pay bills on time. Poor credit, you will pay more to buy a car, you will pay more to ensure that it, I am also glad. (See the double blow of bad credit. “)

Increase deductibles. You can increase the deductible, you pay a claim for collision or comprehensive coverage, as long as more than a few hundred dollars. Just make sure the savings set aside, you need to pay a higher deductible one day. (See “a higher deductible will save you money?”)

Droplet collision coverage. If you have an old car, you completely get rid of collision coverage can make sense, if you will not care after the accident, fix it. (See “time to drop layout and collision?”)

Delete full coverage. Some drivers drop comprehensive insurance, but because it covers an area of ​​1 events (theft, fire, flood, hail) and an overall premium “tab on the relatively small percentage, it is worth preserving, said Michael Barry spokesman for the Insurance Information Institute.

Can not buy liability insurance. Andrew said, the Schlager monetary proud minimum auto insurance requirements by the State, but such coverage is limited, there is an extreme disadvantage. It can open your lawsuit, if you are in an accident and do not have enough coverage, Schrage said. (See the expensive cars, cheap car insurance. “)

To send their children to college. Kathy Kristof, personal finance writer, sent her children to college, she did not immediately realize that she kept in her car insurance, 800 yuan per year. Because their universities more than 100 miles away, they did not of her car to school, the children of Christopher can not evaluate her policy, but listed rather than the occasional driver, when they came to rest at home.

Or let them play books. When the son of Christopher in the high, he kept an average of a “B ‘, and won a good driver discount. According to your insurance company can save up to 25% premium, the young driver was assigned to the car. (See “a good student discount.”)

To teach new tricks of old drivers. AARP driver safety program has been provided since 1979, teaching driving behavior of drivers over the age of 50, as well as how to adjust these acts of aging. Of course, have to recapture every three years to continue to receive the discount, Schrage said. (You can bring the defensive driving course as well as discounts, but you can only at a discount.)

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