Insurers can decline claims due to auto insurance exclusions within the policy

January 4, 2012

Although the insured may purchase for most eventualities, some of these acts may not be the majority of car insurance policy coverage. In general, it is difficult to describe these exclusions and definitions may vary according to car insurance companies or countries. The nature of the act, enabling them to explain, and leave some gray areas. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get an idea of ​​the behavior and the damage may exceed the insurance concept.

Of course, drivers need to have adequate coverage to exclude certain policies can be discussed before. Liabilities can not only damage their cars anyway, in any claim. Insured should have collision and comprehensive coverage, in most cases, fear exclusion. But if you do not pay the premium, you are not entitled to claim. Premium should be paid the same date, to avoid any cancellation as well.

Almost all auto insurance policies will exclude the insured damage caused by intentional or negligent. When you open the car door kicked in anger, you may pay for it in your pocket, the insurance company will only laugh at any attempt to take advantage of its claims. If someone broke into the car, and stole, the auto insurance company will pay to provide comprehensive coverage of the claim is bought. However, the insurance company will pay the kind of theft, after the car left the road on the ignition lock and key all day long. Policyholders should take due care and precautions to avoid any loss.

In most cases, illegal activities in the use of auto insurance lapse. For example, the accident will not be overwritten, if the car was smashed and the policy holder is away from home, from the police. Cause any damage to violate criminal, civil and traffic laws, do not include. If they are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, can not be insured for their losses.

General comprehensive policy will cover natural and weather-related damage as well as some strange accident, theft and vandalism. Almost all auto insurance company will pay storms, hail, wind weather conditions, a normal part of the damage occurred is no problem. However, some natural disasters may be considered to be beyond the scope of auto insurance. These cases have to be far beyond the level of imagination and catastrophic damage. The devastating nature of the monster may include unprecedented floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and huge wildfires.

In addition, the car insurance company may exclude certain risks in areas prone to a certain coverage. For example, an earthquake in California, Florida hurricanes and tornadoes in Kansas may be expressly excluded, and they will in other areas. God insured should check the section of a comprehensive policy to see what is the exclusion. ”

Almost all auto insurance policies around the world, excluding war and civil strife. Recently, they began to exclude terrorism, and in this section. Some insurance companies may be excluded from the country of terrorism, while others may limit its metropolitan area. However, car insurance companies may sell an additional premium, they are excluded from terrorism or earthquake insurance. Therefore, people should check their policies carefully and make sure there is a certain coverage. This will be listed in the most dangerous part of the policy of insurance.

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