How to file an auto insurance claim

January 17, 2012

Almost all of the drivers may be involved in the event of some sort of car wreck, at some point may lead to claims. This may be some minor scratches or serious casualties. This is a better thing that you need in this situation, and it is ready to take over.

We recommend that you keep a copy of your insurance documents, a pen and a notepad in your car all the time. Camera and handy, but most decent camera phone these days. You will need these files and report the incident.

First, you need to find out if someone were seriously injured, what is their condition in the event of an accident. Immediately call the police, accurate positioning of the crash, the severity of accidents and the amount of the human condition. They will usually notify the nearest patrol car, ambulance or fire brigade accordingly.

Then determine, involved and their mode of transport does not increase the number of casualties. See if you can not help or assist anyone any harm.

Once everything is resolved, you should start recording the accident. Location of the incident, involving a car, witnesses and compensation notes and photographs, if you can. If the police involved and their details and the number of events.

Now you can call your auto insurance company and let them know what happened. They should ask the appropriate questions, and fill the necessary forms sent to you. Once you get them, make sure to fill them the best of your knowledge, and provide all the required documents.

Theft or malicious damage to your car’s case, it is so dramatic and urgency of response, but you still need to follow the instructions of your insurance provider, and timely completion of the form. Please remember to follow up your application periodically to ensure it is in a timely manner and did not hold it.

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