How gender affect auto insurance calculations

January 12, 2012

Of course, the auto insurance companies based on gender, location, and drive the vehicle rate risks. However, at least gender equality seems to be going too far by the European Union standards. Recently, the European Court of Justice ruled that insurance companies can not use gender as a determining factor, they set up their own interest rates.

First, why the need to intervene in the court premiums? Determine how they may be better than the accumulation of the insurance underwriters of intelligence? The most important thing is how far they really want to control our life? Unfortunately, the European Court in this case, take a superficial view. Reduce insurance premiums into account many factors and statistical equality between women and men, as a result of serious inequality.

In this meddlesome next? Auto insurance companies can not distinguish between premiums they charge, according to the age of the driver? This of course is age discrimination. Is it okay that he received a 50-year-old has been driving for 30 years thing, young man just got his license to drive the same speed? This is equal treatment or to tell veterans to cover associated with the risk of young drivers?

Although the statistics all too clear, how can you expect men to pay women the same drivers as the car insurance rates. A man is more likely than women involved in serious crashes ten times. How can you require the insurer to ignore the fact that so strongly, and we continue to charge the same premium, regardless of gender? It works the other way in life, as women live longer than men, will be charged.

Finally, let us hope that the European Court of interference non-proliferation. In the current conditions, auto insurance rates continued to rise, you would not expect such a ruling would reduce driver pay rates. Instead, it will only increase the female drivers have to pay insurance rates.

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