‘Horrible person’ poisons school’s trees

October 8, 2015

‘Horrible person’ poisons school’s trees

Children at Napier Central School are asking cheap replica michael kors “who would do such a thing?” after six trees on the grounds were intentionally poisoned.

Holes were drilled into the bases of at least six trees including native pohutukawa and puriri but the deliberate damage was discovered only when a keen eyed parent pointed it out.

Children huddled around the trunks eyeing the holes and excitedly gathering under their favourite tree a spot that was perfect for playing shop especially in autumn when leaves turned yellow and could be used as “money”.

Police became involved, posting letters in letterboxes informing nearby residents of the “gutless act” and pointing out the illegal and unsafe nature of poisoning Cyber Monday michael kors handbags trees on school discount fake michael kors grounds.

“Intentional damage is a crime and punishable by a large fine or imprisonment,” Senior Constable Bruce Miller wrote.

“If sufficient evidence exists I will be happy to charge any offender for this gutless act. Not only has it damaged the trees it has also put students in danger of touching the poison used in the holes.”

Mr Miller cited previous incidents in which people felt they black friday michael kors handbags would “benefit” from the demise of boundary trees, but could not say for sure that was the case here as no approach had been made to the school.

“Damaging or attempting to kill the trees is the wrong way of going about it,” he said.

Chloe Poulter, 10, said: “I would like to say whoever did this is a horrible person . if the trees were shading houses they could just ask for them to be cut back.”

Mr McLeod said there was no reason to believe anyone was unhappy with the trees, though neighbours who had moved on, had approached the board to have them trimmed in the past. Their request was granted and nothing more came of it.

Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the students at Napier Central School to inform you about a tragedy that has happened in our school.

Eight of our school’s precious trees have been poisoned.

Holes were drilled into them and the poison was poured into the holes.

We don’t know when this cruel act was carried out but people are assuming it was michael kors outlet online store over the holidays.

These trees are over 60 years old and about 12 metres tall. They provide shade and as we only have a restricted amount of trees at our school this is vital.

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