High cost of urban driveing verses lower cost rural driveing

December 31, 2011

Of course, people living in high density urban living and the different pace, compared with the national cousins. While the cars and people may appear from all directions in the urban areas may not see the driver of the soul in the countryside miles. While many point seems obvious, it may be misleading, and in some areas. Therefore, it is best to carefully analyze and look at reducing accidents and car insurance rate method.

Expected high vehicles, people and the obstacles the metropolitan area increased the number of accidents. Good drivers, and consider other people or damage caused by the opportunity to force the driver, this may be true. Simply increase the probability of any number of factors before and included in the equation. For example, only one from the opposite direction of the vehicle, it is easy to focus on it may allow more space, from the road center. But there are many cars and people on the streets of cities and a few, they can driver may not have much time or space to avoid accidents.

According to statistics, there may be times, due to the number of vehicle accidents in the city. But one thing worth noting is that the higher accident death toll in the country. This is the hard drive at high speed due to urban traffic congestion, traffic laws and enforcement. This may be in reducing death, even though it may lead to many smaller claims of the main factors. State driver may at higher speeds, the road most of them are empty because the fact that a higher speed limit driving. In addition, rural drivers may be too comfortable with the surrounding environment, do not follow basic traffic rules like wearing seat belts. State drivers may have to resist the temptation to speed and never give up their guard.

Does not apply to populated areas and vehicle-related criminal activity is often high in the street private parking. In fact, the choice of vehicle and damage to car thieves get away routes in the city. On the other hand, most people probably know each other in smaller places and their cars, there may be a small village, only one way. In addition, it is difficult to dispose of stolen vehicles in the countryside profit, which may actually be in the city of criminals underground industries, to help each other make money.

There is no doubt that car insurance companies will consider many factors, but decided to provide these different demographic rates. They may pay a lot less maintenance and trailer accident in the country, due to low business operating costs and mechanic wages. Another important fact is that the city drivers to obtain a higher risk of traffic tickets. Sadly, the city municipalities recognize the revenue from the huge flow of fines, imposed on the driver. It is almost impossible not to pass the speed of light or junction box camera driver more than a mile. The driver is bound to be captured and accumulated on the license, traffic tickets and fines bit.

These factors may be just the city auto insurance rate increase caused by as many countries as postal code nos. But we can not ignore in favor of the city’s residents have a very important fact. Most countries, people can not live with their car-free. Instead, you can live in the city does not own any private transportation to and from mobile and happy due to the extensive use of public transport network.

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