Auto insurance coverage, when do you have enough?

April 9, 2012

Next time you are in the traffic jam, pick out the seven car and speculation around you which driver is completely without insurance. Such as traffic again began to move, you want as far as possible from this car is far, of course, hope you guessed right.

About 14% of drivers (about one seventh) without health insurance, according to the Insurance Research Council (IRC). This means that in a car accident nearly 55 000 in 2009, involving nearly 770,000 uninsured drivers. This number is usually a decline in the unemployment rate, but no matter into the possibility of the insured driver of traffic accidents, this is not a gamble, you have to be taken.

DRE Fleury, North Carolina lawyers Crumley Roberts said: “protect their own best way to finance from other drivers and their own mistakes, to make sure you have enough car insurance, specializing in car accidents injured . “Absolutely inadequate coverage of the minimum requirements Ideally, you want to have more than enough.”

Fleury is the practice of personal injury Crumley Roberts, leader of one of the largest personal injury law firm of Carolina in Carolina. The company said that each year more than 3000 victims of the accident.

Serious car accident, I have seen the physical, emotional and financial devastation caused by Fleury said. “” You can not always avoid accidents, but you can protect their own economy, you will find just a few extra dollars per month can quadruple the cover. ”

Fleury said there is no one-size-fits-all solution when enough is enough. Many factors such as age, driving record, where you live, family size, can affect your insurance costs and coverage needs.

Fleury, said: “policy can be very detailed and highly personalized, but the key areas you need to review the liability and insurance / underinsured motorists coverage. Medical payments range or MedPay is also a great thing, your policies, because it basically allows you to instant cash accident. ”

MedPay coverage is optional, but very affordable – $ 20 a year covering $ 10,000. Liability insurance requirements to ensure that can cover other people’s injuries and losses in North Carolina If you are a failure. In 2009, the state also began to demand the supporting level of uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage (O / UIM card) to ensure that you can protect yourself.

Only the minimum requirements of North Carolina, $ 30,000 bodily injury liability, is a big gamble, according to Fleury. The most common injuries in a car accident, neck, head, brain and back injuries and surgery and related costs Brokeback could easily exceed $ 150,000.

“Fleury said,” This is not just the uninsured or underinsured drivers, they constitute a risk. “If you is fault in an accident, there is no adequate liability insurance can destroy your finances, you hurt people, or even can come to your home, assets, and more.”

The national minimum property damage liability of $ 25,000 is not enough, Fleury said, especially if your total was $ 80,000 Porsche or Mercedes-Benz.

Forde said: “If you have an old car loan, covering an area of ​​fact, you may be able to reduce collision and comprehensive, it can represent 30-40% of your total premium cost.” However, I would strongly recommend to use any savings to you the responsibility for medical expenses and coverage of insured motorists. “

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