Auto insurance companies overcharging by accident

January 17, 2012

Car insurance companies rely on so many employees and agents offer and the claims process. There may be errors and omissions at some stage in overcharging customers. Recently auto insurance companies have to outsource a large part of their work where possible, and there may be additional errors and problems.

Recently a car insurance company in Iowa found that the complaint, they have been overcharged thousands of dollars in staff due to application error calculation. Complaint, the national regulatory agency survey company, which put it right. Thus, thousands of auto insurance policyholders received hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds.

This is the case has been found only one. There must be hundreds of systems or individual cases to be ignored overcharging. There was no accusation of any auto insurance company or its agent deliberately raise the rate, if not impossible.

This may be worth pointing out, the insurance industry and regulators. Licenses for each state, territory sales in its insurance products. In addition, they answer questions about specific practices or customer inquiries and complaints against the insurance company’s trading regulators. We can say that they like to stay in the market on any issues. However, this does not completely eliminate the errors and problems.

Frankly, expects suppliers never make any mistakes, and spot all the time is unrealistic. There is almost always wrong, no matter how good their operating system. Enterprises to improve their business channels, constantly correct errors and their services. This is a perfectly normal practice in most industries.

What is the revelation of the highlights of these policy documents and the need to carefully check the premium quoted. May further take the position, and a few auto insurance quotes from other sources, it is with your renewal terms. The aim is to ensure no mistakes, you still have quite a competitive price.

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